Second Chance by Nancy Lowe

Second Chance by Nancy Lowe

Second Chance - Detail 1






















Second Chance


Encaustic and 22LR shell casings (once-fired by law-abiding civilians and law enforcement) on 12”x12” board.


This personal expression of our Constitutional rights was created for, and accepted into, a specific juried show. The grid of casings uses non-spaced, simple braille to spell out our Second Amendment — the quintessential statement in favor of liberty.

Leftist verbal attacks abounded at the show’s opening with one entrenched academic becoming quite incensed. That statist’s vehement demand to know whether the artist had “fired all those” was followed by a deer-in-headlights look upon hearing that most of the casings had been provided by law enforcement professionals.

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Nancy Lowe is an encaustic artist whose main body of work is dedicated to the defense of the Second Amendment. Her works include spent shell casings donated by law enforcement organizations.


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