Weathered Tartan – Oz District E1 by Nancy Lowe

Weathered Tartan – Oz District E1 by Nancy Lowe

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Weathered Tartan – Oz District E1

Dried botanicals, Easton screen-printed and anodized aluminum arrow shafts, and encaustic on 12”x12” board.


This work is a faithful recreation of the official Australia District tartan registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority. The botanical elements were selected for their pigmentation and include coleus leaves, magnolia petals, and oak leaves. The exterior of hunting arrows and the interior of children’s arrows represent the artist’s strong legacy of Scottish huntsmanship and defense of freedom.


Nancy Lowe is an encaustic artist whose main body of work is dedicated to the defense of the Second Amendment. Her works include spent shell casings donated by law enforcement organizations.



  1. Christopher Cook

    Okay, now that is way cool.


    • Nancy A. Lowe

      Thanks, Chris! I’m currently experimenting with 3D works that meld tartans (still using the metal and botanical elements) with other vestiges of my ancestral Scottish and American patriots. Depictions of the claymore, targe, and present-day battlefield monument to the fallen are my current priorities. Well… that is… along with every bit of Second Amendment work I can produce…

  2. Betty Taylor

    Nancy, This piece is so interesting with all the intricate elements. Beautifully done.

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