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A Gown for Lady Liberty

A Gown for Lady Liberty



















A Gown For Lady Liberty is made from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. In this document, each letter “A” or “a” has been converted to a scarlet color, referencing the book The Scarlet Letter. The work comments on the adulteration of American liberties by the 1913 Congress’ decision to give the American economic system to a private banking cartel: The Federal Reserve. It is constructed from roughly 100 copies of the original act, which was about 30 pages, such that it references the overgrown size of the Bank, with the current form of the act exceeding 3000 pages in length. This piece functions as the centerpiece to a larger body of work titled Normalcy, Not Nostrums. The other artwork in this exhibition serve to flesh out the myriad ways that the Federal Reserve adulterates our liberties, from fiat money to the manipulation of the Federal Funds Rate, to generating war, etc. There is a full photo catalog with written context on my website portfolio at www.colbystephens.com.




Colby Stephens is an MFA candidate at the University of Nevada, Reno. Stephens’ work is characterized by its allegorical political content that seeks to generate thoughtful discourse in the political field. In addition to political activism in the arts, Stephens political essays seek to break down divisive political rhetoric, in favor of reason, to promote civic engagement in both local and national politics. His work can be viewed at www.colbystephens.com.



  1. Christopher Cook

    Love that gown!

  2. Nancy A, Lowe

    Kudos, Colby! That is one superb piece of Constitutional artwork!

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