U.S. Constitution by Joanne Wasserman

New Liberatchik artist, Joanne Wasserman, is a graphic designer. Here is a sample of her work:

Joanne Wasserman


  1. Christopher Cook

    Glad to have you aboard, Joanne!

  2. Hello Christopher,

    This work is certainly on time in American politics, these days, although I composed the painting in the early 1990s. I’ll be writing a statement about the subject of the U.S. Constitution as it is essential to the telling of the
    Change Agents of American Culture series of subjects that I’m portraying as enterprises of creating and inventing by the American people.

    The time frame generally encompasses the last third of the nineteenth century through the close of the twentieth century. Yet the people of the United States of America have been producing original and important works by creating and inventing since the founding of the nation, less than 250 years ago. Their own country was their first invention. Americans rejected imperial rule from a monarch, choosing instead to govern themselves. To that end, they wrote a constitution that set forth the framework for the rule of law
    and plan of governing authority in the new-formed democratic republic.

    Thanks for your note, here. I wish you a great writing week of news and views at the Western Free Press online news site.


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