Among The Fortunate by Richard Bledsoe

Richard Bledsoe “Among The Fortunate” oil on canvas 32″ x 32″

Richard Bledsoe Artist Statement

I am a painter of parables and fables. My painting pursues art’s original impulses – ineffable spiritual energy represented as patterns, animals or figures of power. Imagery is revealed to me in flashes or inspiration – a complete picture is visualized. I reconstruct the essential forms through a series of automatic gestures on a framework of traditional sacred models, such as tankas, icons and mandalas. The process of painting enhances and influences the original thought.


Art is for everyone. It is as human as the opposable thumb, and just as prevalent. For the last 50 years (at least), as part of the long march through the institutions, fine art has been treated as a wedge, a signifier of elitist attitudes. As a result, art has undergone a crisis of cultural relevance probably unprecedented in  human history. No matter. We are the swing of the pendulum. Real change begins in art, in the shared consciousness of our culture.



  1. Christopher Cook

    Is the wild man with the flamingo crook the one who is “among the fortunate”?

  2. When I have the visions for my paintings, I don’t necessarily understand the meaning right away. It’s like interpreting a dream, the imagery is loaded with symbolic significance, and works on many different levels. People are always pointing out things I didn’t even realize myself. What I have come to understand in this one: The birds are content, wading around in their swamp, in their flock, simple creatures of instinct. But in their midst is a man, who despite his best efforts to fit in, is realizing how out of place he is. He is a giant compared to them, his legs don’t even bend the same way. The city, the environment of his kind, the results of technology and civilization, is near by. Will he leave the collective morass and join the higher life of his people?
    This is part of what the work communicates to me, but ultimately it is mysterious and can’t be summed up easily.

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