Nature In Art

Monochrome black watercolor and duotone photograph of the artist's hand embroidered dress

Monochrome black watercolor and duotone photograph of the artist’s hand embroidered dress

A modern illumination of the letter N, to be an expression of ornamentation in the arts—the living plants, animals and people, and the non-living formations of earth and beyond that are formed in visual art realms as the creations of other artists, architects, sculptors, weavers, potters, jewelry makers, fabric designers, et al. The work of art is one of the portrayed subjects in my painting series, “Change Agents of American Culture.” 

Joanne Wasserman is a professional painting, drawing, and calligraphy artist and graphic designer. More of her works can be seen at


  1. Christopher Cook

    Beautiful detail and lighting!

  2. Dear Christopher, thank you so very much for writing what you did. The actual composition came about in a round about way from the original plan for placing a photogaph of my embroidery upon a full length gown inside of an alphabet letter, N, which stood for the composition’s title, “Nature In Art.”
    In the end result, my painting of the letter N is made using black watercolor paint with both brushes and straight calligraphy pens of different sizes. Then, I cut the duotone photograph of my embroidered dress to fit the shape of the counter space of the letter form. I call the work a “modern illumination” because it is my contemporary manner of illuminating initial letters from the ways they were illuminated in European manuscripts from late antiquity through late mediaeval times. “Nature In Art” also illuminates the subject of American decorative ornamentation.

    • Christopher Cook

      You deserve to call it Illumination, for it does hearken back to, and is every bit worthy of, medieval illuminations.

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