Monochrome black watercolor

Monochrome black watercolor

Monochrome black watercolor



In the summers of my childhood I had a transister radio that carried live broadcasts of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ baseball home games. I loved the sport then as now, and chose to composer a work of art to reflect my regard for the game and its players. Baseball is a representative subject of “Creating through sports’ action” in the painting portrait series I’ve been making, called Change Agents of American Culture.


Joanne Wasserman is a professional painting, drawing, and calligraphy artist and graphic designer. More of her works can be seen at


  1. Christopher Cook


  2. Thank you for thinking so, Christopher. I have yet to write a statement on the inclusivity of Baseball as a sport and game within the wholesome dominion of life in America. This is a sport that I’ve singled out alongside two other fields of American sport–Football and United States Olympic Teams, in which the painting cpompositions infer the creating force expressed in athletic physical performances–whether balletic grace, improvisational reactions to
    situations, years of training practice, collegial competitiveness, et al.
    Meanwhile, being without words, I’m truly glad you like the looks of it!
    —Best wishes, Joanne

    • Christopher Cook

      America has created some great things and great games—baseball is definitely one. Glad you have given it such a nice treatment.

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