Watercolor painting by Joanne C. Wasserman

Watercolor painting by Joanne C. Wasserman


Keepsakes — A portrait subject in the realm of personal insight, which I consider as a pathway in life that offers revelation and understanding, which is significant in a person’s later years, when the experience of being in the world is there for him or her in remembrances. It is the letter ‘K’ in “Change Agents of American Culture.”

Joanne Wasserman is a professional painting, drawing, and calligraphy artist and graphic designer. More of her works can be seen at


  1. Christopher Cook

    Is that a griffin lamp hanging from the ceiling?

  2. Dear Christopher, Well, I don’t know if it is—but if you know about griffin lamps, then, it is one in your eyes. The full size animal with wings that hangs from the ceiling is a pinata—“Keepsakes” is one of four painting of the CAAC series that fits in the creating category of personal insight by way of the journey of living. My thinking on the topic goes like this–

    The experiences and behaviors of one person are distinctive from those of any other person. I believe the individual makes his or her way through life by moving interchangeably between an outer self and an inner being. The outer self is visible to others and knowable to the extent of one’s actions and engagement in the world socially. But an essential part of human existence is one’s inner being–the sanctuary of mind and soul. It is an incubator for strengthening one’s capacity of perceiving and intuition, reasoning and action in the world. It is the deep-rooted core where unique personality and character develop.

  3. Christopher Cook

    Which means that, as a fringe benefit at least, your art is a rebellion against collectivism!

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