Federal City

Gouache, 25 x 31.25 inches framed

Gouache, 25 x 31.25 inches framed

Since 1800, Washington, D.C. has been the permanent residence of the government of the United States of America. The Constitution provided for land, 10 miles square, to be set aside for a federal city. The nation’s Founding Fathers chose to create a new city, free from the jurisdiction of any state, for a capital belonging to all the people. They established the District of Columbia on a site strategically located on the banks of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, an entrance to the continent’s western lands and midway between the nation’s original northern and southern states. Pierre Charles L’Enfant designed the new capital city to express the ideals of the young nation and the integrity of leadership by its citizens. Nearly two centuries later the buildings and monuments of Washington, D. C. have become universal symbols for freedom and self-rule. I composed the painting from sketches on location as well as photographs of the Washington Monument, Lincon Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, United States Capitol, and the White House.

Joanne Wasserman is a professional painting, drawing, and calligraphy artist and graphic designer. More of her works can be seen at www.wassermandesign.com

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  1. Christopher Cook

    Hopefully we can restore the Founders ideals to what is, when you’re there and looking at it, a very impressive and beautiful city.

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