Duck Articles by Kate Barnett

Here’s a whimsical, yet dreary piece of mine I did a few years ago. I was taking a drawing class to gauge my interest in college – there’s none – and had a great opportunity to¬† learn to draw water from a Floridian! It wasn’t intended though, we had to pick random objects and make a scene with them. Naturally, I got a little pirate rubber duck, and a bone – still not sure what kind of bone it was – but it ended up making a great figure-head for a pirate ship!

None-the-less, it turned out to be a great depiction of my style: dark and gloomy, a little rough around the edges, but fun and maybe a little corky.

Kate Barnett is an artist whose moody gothic illustrations create an interesting counterpoint to her conservative art. Her art and writing can be viewed at

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  1. Richard Wobbe

    That’s great! Every four and a half year old boy dreams about “Ducks of the Caribbean”, (if I can remember that far back). How creative!

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