A Crisis of Faith






The other day I posted something in a Facebook chat that got the attention of some of the participants. I wrote that as a grad student in an art school I am faced with all that is wrong with America on a daily basis. I thought perhaps I should elaborate on this a little.

What is it that is wrong with America? You have no doubt heard that America is a nation in decline. How did we get here, and what did we decline from? In a discussion like this it’s easy to look for someone to blame, like the Republicans or the Democrats. But that is like a doctor blaming symptoms for a malady, or blaming the disease itself. The trouble goes much deeper than politicians. We have to search for the cause of the problems, and if we search for the root cause I believe we will find that ours is a crisis of faith.

It is not that America doesn’t have faith. It is that she has faith in the wrong things. America has believed lies. What lies? That she is not a place blessed by the Creator where dreams can come true, that all rich people are evil, and that we Americans are not inherently good people.

Who has fed us these lies? We cannot look to any one place because they are coming from a broad array of fronts. They come from philosophers, theologians, teachers, artists, politicians, and from business leaders. But the story of the lie’s origin is even deeper and more sinister than this; however I don’t want to touch on this here. But the lie needed mouthpieces. It needed cheerleaders. And it needed to be enforced. And the enforcers are the neo-Puritans.

The Puritans of old were Christians that stood for morals, values, a belief in God, and a strict adherence to the Bible. These neo-Puritans are not believers, they stand for what is amoral, and they believe that the Bible is a collection of useless and antiquated myths. In reality they are not really neo-Puritans; they are really Im-Puritans. And the Impuritans use public shaming, ostracism, and blackballing, much like the Puritans did, however now everything is turned on its head. We are living in a Bizarro World like the one from Superman comics: What is beautiful is ugly, what is good is bad, and what is love is hate.

You cannot simply disagree with an Impuritan. You must be converted. If you cannot be converted then you must be destroyed. You see, the Impuritans understand that this is war. The rest of us have been slow to realize this, much to our detriment. You see, it is war. It is a culture war. And the Impuritans don’t take prisoners, and they don’t take any encroachment on their territory lightly.

Today’s art schools are vestiges of Impuritans. They chair departments. They are deans. They are professors. They are students. And the hatred they deny they have but accuse others of having is perhaps the most used weapon in their arsenal.

So that is a little about what I believe is wrong with America. However I do not believe in fighting against the Impuritans. That is not because I don’t want to fight. It is because I believe success will lie in promoting what I believe in. And that is exactly what I intend to do.


This post was a collaborative effort between Rich Gibbs, illustrator, and Taylor Overby, fine artist and grad student.

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  1. Elizabeth Bogle

    I love this. It infuriates me to no end how atheists refuse to see their own beliefs as religion.

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