Ashley Norfleet, Illustrator

Ashley Norfleet, Illustrator

Artist Statement:
As an artist with a strong background in illustration, I create vivid illustrative scenes which tell a story or depict an idea. The foundation of my work is within the initial concept, the uniqueness of the idea is the driving force behind every piece. Bold color schemes and meticulous rendering are pleasing to the eye. The use of these tools grab my audience and hold their attention first allowing them to begin to process the concept.  Challenging the viewer to decipher the message piques the interest within my audience, beckoning them to view the piece over and over again.

It is within this principle that the artist, whether it be myself or any other, is able to evoke thought, plant ideas, and broadcast powerful messages;  forcing the surrender of attention within the mind of the viewer.




16 x 20″

oil on canvas

Ashley Norfleet is a freelance web and graphic designer. She is also a conservative painter and illustrator. Her commercial art can be viewed at and her fine art is on FaceBook.

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