Floyd Alsbach – Zarathustra Spoke

Zarathustra Spoke

oil pastel on Mi-Tientes tobacco paper, 19×25″

Artist Statement: These oil pastel drawings are from a series called; “Cthonic Forge.” The series is a meditation upon Mathew 7:16 from a Catholic/Libertarian point of view and the long term implications of current events.

(Floyd A. Alsbach)


This Stuckist/Artist’s Creed: (Missouri River Valley Stuckists) 

1. The fundamental elements of art are perennial.

2. Precedence, fame, style and influence are irrelevant to aesthetics.

3. Gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, origin, spirituality, temperament et al, are incidental to the merits of the work itself.

4. The concepts, idea, explanation, rational, novelty and/or intent are subservient to the potency of the work.

5. The artists’ hand is vital.

6. Work that intentionally harms, encourages the harm, or celebrates the harm of a sentient being is not Fine Art.

7. Place, time, experience and inward emotional texture transmuted through a rich interior life are the heart of the Arts.

8. Media, technology, technique and process are means, not the end.

9. Politics are transient… Art remains.

10. Integrity, humility, curiosity, and consistent, honest effort are the artists’ best route to acquiring the necessary knowledge, understanding and craft.

11. The Arts’ ancient resonance speaks from our most inward, unique, yet universal living language (the mamalian prime language) whose foundations we each build upon from our earliest and inmost experience.

12.  Aesthetic beauty lies in the skillful construction of harmonic balance… wherein is allowed to creep the craven trespass of ecstatic passion.  In a masterpiece this tincture is then held in an ever so tenuous, sacred pause… which we can never forget.


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