Great-Great Grandmother Gave Birth to Great Grandmother by Doris Bond


Great-great grandmother gave birth to great-grandmother

#2 of Series by: Doris Bond


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medium: Acrylic and colored pencil on black canvas




 These are Russian nesting dolls in the foreground, the “grey ladies” in the background are my Carlin ancestors from the Volga region in Russia who were brought from Germany to Russia by Katherine the Great to show the Russians how to farm. The rosary was something that was held in the hand of the woman on the right, in a very old black and white photograph of the Carlin women I found in the Kansas historical society documents, online.  The heritage of our Catholic Faith was brought to Kansas and passed down to us also from the the Carlin side of our family.  The Carlins helped to build the Cathedral of the Plains nears Hays, Kansas, in Victoria, Kansas.


The colorful “onion-domed” steeples and other steeples in my painting are on the order of the churches found in St. Petersburg and in Moscow.  The German farmers brought wheat and sunflowers to Russia, and they were brought by ancestors to Kansas as well.  That is why I placed the wheat and sunflowers on either side of the women.

I so much enjoy lace, lace is feminine, and something that is often hand-made and passed down from generation to generation.  It is cherished for the beauty, labor and hours that went into them,  the memories that accompanied them, I felt it should be an integral part of the heritage and femininity portrayed in this piece. This is #2 of a series, there will be 3 additional pictures to go with it.




  1. Doris Bond (@DBondinkc)

    Sorry about the poor quality of this photo, will try to get a much better one, if possible, and put it on this site, asap. Thank you for taking a look!

    • Sorry about the photo Doris. I couldn’t find a place in my house to get a photo without glare on the glass. I wanted to get it up before SGS14 in case anyone came to the page so they would remember having seen it at our booth.
      I should be getting it in the mail to you in the next few days.

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