Cage by Ashley Norfleet

Cage by Ashley Norfleet

oil on skate deck

Ashley Norfleet is a freelance web and graphic designer. She is also a conservative painter and illustrator. Her commercial art can be viewed at and her fine art is on FaceBook.




  1. Christopher S. Cook

    Whoa! Ashley, can you tell us more about this?

  2. I was tasked to create an image on a skateboard by a local gallery for a fundraiser. This ground was new to me and I was intimidated by the narrow space. Initially I wanted to take a graphical approach and thought of the ribcage idea – as when you skate, the aerobic activity is mostly felt in the chest. But, the composition seemed to be sparse, and was missing something. So, I turned it into a hanging cage to add a little more visual interest. Naturally, a bird went well with this new direction.

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