Preserving American Culture with Painted Furniture

Preserving American Culture with Painted Furniture

Kathy Graybill has been one of the most directly inspirational artists I have met over the years. Her beautiful and complex body of work has motivated me to pursue an artistic avenue that I previously thought impractical – hand painted furniture and primitives.

I have become familiar with her work over the last year, through a good friend and business partner Claudine at Our Town Antiques in Commerce. This is the store where I opened a mini-gallery over the summer. There are several of Kathy’s pieces in the store and I enjoy the opportunity to admire their artistry and share them with our customers.

This weekend, I went down to Atlanta for the 21st annual Folk Fest. Kathy and her husband were there with a wide array of their painted signs and furniture. Seeing an entire booth of her beautiful work was intimidating and overwhelming – but also inspiring. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of hours invested in the layering of the paints and glazes applied to the pieces.

I think one of the things that most inspires me about Kathy’s art is the heritage it conveys. Her furniture simultaneously gives the viewer a tangible connection to the history and culture of America. Through painstaking attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship, Kathy and her husband (as well as several other artisans) recreate antique reproductions or repurpose and refinish antique pieces that have not weathered time as well as one might hope. Kathy’s painted furniture motifs have a strong historic aura about them because she has spent many years developing her style and technique.












Below is some information provided by Kathy directly, as well as a link to her web page. Please take the time to visit and share her work with others. If we want to instill a sense of heritage and pride in our country again, we must take a direct cultural approach. Patronizing the work of an artist who lovingly and painstakingly preserves the history, heritage and antiques of America is a wonderful way to support the growing movement to Take Back the Culture.


Kathy Graybill

Some of our pieces are reproductions of originals form the 1700-1800’s. We provide photos and the history of the original piece that we are reproducing. Customers love that we do these pieces on Antiques that we recycle and that we also make reproductions sometimes of the pieces. We try and reproduce them as close as possible to the original; sign, number, and date those pieces, and our cabinetmaker signs them as well. Please reference the pieces on the William & Mary Section of the website for more detail, as those are all reproductions of the antique originals.


We also do our interpretations of antique originals. In some cases, we create our own designs that we come up with or enhance a piece with my own style. Jeff makes all of our signs, shelves, and some cupboards, folk sculptures and carvings. Our Cabinet maker makes the case pieces like the miniature chests, boxes, cupboards,etc.












Artist Statement

Hidden Treasures is the creation of Kathy and Jeff Graybill of East Waterford, Pennsylvania. Fueled by their love of antiques and folk art of the past, this couple strives in their never-ending quest to create their own heirlooms of the future.

Kathy is a self-taught artist whose media include folk art, Pennsylvania German fraktur, tole, and museum reproductions. Her unique and distinctive creations have found their way into many homes, stores, museum shops and galleries across America.

Hidden Treasures offers a wide variety of reproduction furniture and accessories handcrafted by the artists, as well as tavern signs, one-of-a-kind antique pieces, and folk sculptures.

New Creations of reproduction William and Mary furniture pieces, tavern tables, miniatures, and many new signs and carvings, show that the Graybill’s are constantly growing as artists.  Also, new this year and coming soon are hooked rugs, hooked wall hangings, and 3-D hooked pieces, by Kathy. … learn more @Hidden Treasures …




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    Dear Kathy,
    I am interestedi in some of your pieces…I’d love to get a price on them…thank you,Bea Yule

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