Frances Byrd – The World According to Alice

The World according to Alice

This drawing is about the political rhetoric and fear mongering that is used by politicians every election to take our attention away from the important issues in our lives. More importantly, it creates a smokescreen that obscures the behavior of those politicians and the way they use the government to regulate our behavior and redistribute income to their own advantage. The worst thing about this is how well it works on the average person. Every election we’re told: ‘They’re going to take away Social Security’. ‘They’re going to cut your healthcare benefits’. ‘We’re going to give you healthcare – FREE!’ ‘Elect me and I’ll cut your taxes’. ‘The rich aren’t paying their fair share’. And on, and on, and on.

First of all, this is infuriating to me because I don’t want the government meddling in my life. None of these promises helps anyone but the politicians. It’s not Big Brother’s job to take care of me. I don’t want the government saving for my retirement or providing my healthcare. I can do those things very well myself and I don’t want anyone else dictating their use to me. The simple solution to the tax problem in this country is the fair tax. The only problem anyone genuinely has with it is that it puts the government on a budget. How would they ever fund all their pork and entitlement programs?

In case no one has noticed yet, we can’t really make the rich pay their fair share because they’re already paying everyone’s fair share. Besides, these guys aren’t concerned about anyone’s fair share. Income redistribution is the best way to buy votes.

I am absolutely astonished at how well this works for the guys in Washington. Has this country really become so full of leeches and beggars that no one wants to be free anymore?

This is a mixed media piece. The main elements are cut paper and colored pencil. I really like the brain because the stylization ties the figure into the ornate background. Of course I think Chicken Little and her barnyard friends are hilarious. They represent the politicians who scream about the sky falling to distract us from the real issues that they refuse to deal with. I think they turned out very well and provide a simplified contrast that makes them stand out from all the clutter in the background. The flowers are meant to add to the feeling of Alice in Wonderland, and the politicians are the rotten fruit growing on them. The basic idea is that all these powerful people are telling Alice what to think. They’re scaring Alice with propaganda to make her paranoid of the other guy and dependent upon them. They don’t want Alice to be self-reliant and independent. Each politician is accompanied by some of their rhetoric and attributes that reflect their agendas.

In the foreground, Chicken Little and her friends are running around, frantically trying to find someone to solve their problems for them. I used the silhouette of a woman because Hillary’ role in the election has added a new aspect of feminine idolatry and hysteria to the mix. All these women are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches to support her because she has a uterus. What a ridiculous way to vote. When did race, gender, or any other label make someone qualified to run a country? Aren’t Democrats supposed to be freeing us from all these stereotypes in the name of diversity? I guess it only applies to their opponents’ lack of open-mindedness. Incidentally, the art community suffers from the same disease. That, however, is a topic for future discussion.

The really scary thing is that all of this obscures the fact that Hillary is more power hungry than all the men combined. The rest of the candidates all have their own demons, they’re just a little less hypocritical than she is.

There are no literary references for this piece.

Mixed media on paper.

Completed: 2008

Dimensions: 20w x 16h x 2d

Donated to the Art Papers 2008 Annual Auction and Gala

Frances Byrd is the National Director of, and a contributing writer at Western Free Press and FreedomWorks. Her articles have also been published at Blog Bytes and Big Hollywood . Mrs. Byrd’s conceptual art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick.

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