Frances Byrd – American Crow in Flight

Frances Byrd – American Crow in Flight





**All sketches are samples of studio process and are not for sale. To commission finished drawings, contact

The American Crow is a large black bird with iridescent highlights across its body. It has a very striking physical appearance and behavioral characteristics. It is considered an ill omen by some and a dirty scavenger by others. What better imagery could be used to describe the Occupy Movement?

I am currently developing this idea and related imagery into graphic forms via a series of paintings, drawings and mixed media projects. I recently completed the first painting in the series, working out many details in style and technique. Detailed examination of the paintings in this series illustrates the idea that OWS protestors are merely cogs in the machine of  The State.

In an effort to present a factual and reasoned defense of this analogy, I have spent a great deal of time on the website and the Occupy Atlanta page in order to learn exactly what they are demanding. It turns out to be just about everything, but that is a topic for a future post. For now, I leave you with the culmination of my ideas and the model for future works of art depicting what could very well destroy the culture of America.


Frances Byrd is the National Director of, and a contributing writer at Western Free Press and FreedomWorks. Her articles have also been published at Blog Bytes and Big Hollywood . Mrs. Byrd’s conceptual art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick.

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