Frances Byrd – Don’t Cry for Me Amerika

Don’t Cry for Me Amerika

This painting is a dual portrait of Hillary Clinton and Eva Peron. It’s purpose is to highlight and criticize the similarities between these two powerful women. Both made their rise to power through the political careers of their husbands, and went on to dictate policy according to their own beliefs. Although Hillary Clinton has not achieved the martyr status of Peron, who died young of cancer, she has made her mark on American History.
As the title suggests, both women had an overwhelming arrogance and over-inflated sense of their own importance. Both women would stop at nothing to achieve their goals and had no regard for the concerns of the people they set out to ‘help’. Don’t Cry for Me Amerika is a testament to the big government mentality and power-hungry actions of two women hell-bent on making a place for themselves in history. It’s a shame so many lives have been destroyed by their collective actions. The people they set out to ‘help’ ultimately are worse off than before their meddling programs were instituted. Argentina, has never recovered from the atrocities wrought by the Peron regime. Hillary is more than willing to take America down the same path. For that reason, this painting is not meant to be complementary to either woman. Some may view their achievements as great, but I disagree. The fact that Eva Peron’s tomb is worshipped as a shrine is a testament to the ignorance of those obsessed with celebrity culture. She may have achieved much in her life, but in the end, she was just another loud-mouth Liberal actress with bleached blond hair.
Because I did a great deal of research for this painting, I would like to highlight some of the similarities between their actions and beliefs.
Support of government education
Socialized healthcare
Public housing
Support of and funded by Unions
Portrayed themselves as working for the poor, while living in luxury
Large portions of their political bases from low-income and working class people who didn’t understand their true motives
Wardrobes and jewels manufactured by high-end designers
Powerful speakers, prone to screaming and shrill tirades who are unable to accept criticism
Campaigned heavily for their husbands rise to power, then used their influence to dictate programs
Out of touch with the true needs of the people, in the case of Clinton, she has been known to say that she will ‘give the people what she thinks they need, regardless of what they want’
Both have been embroiled in corruption, even in the very programs that were ‘designed to help the poor’
Masters at distracting the public from the actions and scandals created by their husbands
Both behave like royalty

Technical notes for the curious. This is a multimedia painting. The surface has a great deal of texture due to the layering of tissue paper and use of stenciling to lay out the text. A graphic image of Hillary/Eva was laid out in flat acrylic paint to create the main shapes. There is hand-written text across the top of this layer highlighting the careers of the two women as well as their similarities. I added detail and volume with colored pencils. The final layer will incorporates the use of glitter and metallic paint on some details to highlight the glitzy appearance of the two women, as well as point out the irony of their wealth in juxtaposition with their supposed understanding of poverty.


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