Painting: At The Crossroad

Richard Bledsoe “At The Crossroad” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 30″

 Robert Johnson is the archetype, but its a story we all live in some way. Our homegrown version of Faust.

What price will we pay to get what we think we want? We are drawn to a midnight meeting at the crossroad. We know that nothing done under such circumstances can be on the up and up but we go anyway, driven by need. Once the deal has gone down and we see the patterns, we become the living embodiment of something larger and outside of ourselves, something we only now understand will destroy even as it creates.

I don’t advocate keeping that midnight appointment; the cost is too high. It’s an attempted shortcut, and really there are no shortcuts in life.


  1. Hello Richard,
    I like your painting very much. What caught my mind’s eye on the “Liberatchik Artists” gathering page is the strong color resonance of your chosen palette. The composition appeared to be strong, and I clicked to view the painting at the larger size. It looks great—harmony in depiction of the contents, the arrangement of them, and the colors with which you made the Art come alive. How pleasing to look at closely!
    I was quite surprised to learn of your story intention for creating the work, as my own attraction to the painting does not contain any of your author’s motive. How nice is that! The Art lives on its own and speaks to viewers in response to each person’s perception of it.
    All the best in future works.
    Sincerely, Joanne

  2. Marc S.

    Excellent work.

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