OK, I’m guilty! Coinciding with the time of assembling this creation, my youngest daughter was at the perfect age for one of the best kids’ movies that we all saw and remember well, “Finding Nemo.” Her bedroom was doused in clown fish, butterfly fish, porgys, yellowtail snapper, dolphin, hermit crabs, sea gulls, and on and on. Her bathroom was heavily laden with little mermaid paraphernalia. Prior to entering her domain, I would have to don a mask, snorkel and fins for a short visit, along with a bed time story. I remember those days fondly as the innocence of youth was still omnipresent in her eyes. To this day “Nemo” helps me reminisce of a time working with glass, developing my art when I was more focused on raising my children than being horrified by the direction that our foolish politicians would be methodically taking our country. I had always believed “that can’t happen in America.”
“Nemo” is 24″x28″. All the coral are single inside cuts, they were nearly impossible. This was an image that I had experienced many times while scuba diving in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. The frame and hardware are all salvaged from Virginia. The theme was inspired by my youngest daughter, Jessie. “Thanks Jess!”




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