Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

One of my favorites. “Follow the Leader” epitomizes herd mentality. The crowd is seldom awake. In this case it will end in disaster. Beautiful colors, irridised fins, and pectoral fins are raised off the picture. The frame is circa 1800’s as well as the hardware.







  1. Awesome! Very unique!

    • Richard Wobbe

      Thanks David! I don’t think anyone is nutty enough to do glass like that. It took me almost a year.

  2. This is my favorite, Richard!

    • Richard wobbe

      Thanks David! I always love to hear words of approval considering the work involved! I am also really anticipating the turtle painting you are working on! Hope you have it ready soon! I think I’m about three months out on the one I’m working on! Looking forward to your art as the featured artist!

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