November Featured Artist, Sonja Harris


I have been an active photographer for over 30 years and in those short or long years, I have discovered that my photographic journey has taken me to do some soul searching. In the last 10 years I find that I no longer try to ‘please’ anyone with my images but try to portray the world around me as it truly is. The way I believe God intended it. That is, photographing people enjoying or not enjoying a particular event or even being present and not engaging. These instances have become common place in today’s society. Present but not there.

It baffles me as to why it has taken me so long to start photographing the wildlife and flora that surrounds me. I did photograph the winding Guadalupe River before the severe drought occurred in the Texas Hill County and I have captured some images of the consequences of the lack of rain water.

Just recently I have turned my camera lens to God’s creatures giving me a new perspective of the cycle of life and the miracles of wildlife. Waiting for that perfect instant to click the shutter reminds me that God has given us dominance over the animal kingdom. But in so doing He has given us the great responsibility of being good stewards.

The Texas Hill Country is fading at a more rapid pace than anyone ever imagined and so is the wildlife. I will make it my mission to capture as much wildlife with my camera lens before they become totally extinct. After all someone has to capture the existence of wildlife to show our grandchildren and their children nature’s marvels.

BIO of Sonja Heldt Harris
by Bill Harris October 23, 2014

Sonja Heldt Harris is a native Texan and an established photographer of over 30 years. She began her photographic career as a public relations photographer for the city of San Antonio, Texas, using her creative images in local and national multi-media as part of a successful marketing campaign to attract visitors to San Antonio.

She continued her career as a public relations photographer for a large international corporation with the primary responsibility of keeping them in the public eye with her positive images. Her photographs appeared in local, national and international media and literature.

Following that, Sonja became the owner and manager of a successful photography studio where she handled a high volume business of weddings and portraits as well as commercial work.

In her early years, Sonja’s specialty in fine art portraiture, landscape and event photography was black and white. It was around 15 years ago that she reluctantly changed to digital. Her passion for photography has turned to documenting the people and beauty of her surroundings and to document various events to which she has been witness. She now revels in producing beautiful digital images, as can be seen in her latest project, “Life on the Ranch.’

Sonja’s photographs have been exhibited in numerous juried shows throughout Texas including the Texas Photographic Society’s Members Only Show, the San Antonio Art League Invitational Members Photography exhibit and the Arts Alliance Center in Clear Lake, Texas. Her work has been shown in museums and various centers for contemporary art, including the Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC.

Several photographs of her ‘New Orleans Jazz Musicians’ series were displayed at the US Embassy in Lome Africa, through an invitation of the United States Department of State, Art in Embassies Program. Photographs from this same series have been accepted into the permanent collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art. Other portraits adorn the walls of the San Antonio Conservation Society, The Bexar County Courthouse, St Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas and the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library and Bulverde City Hall in Bulverde, Texas.

Sonja is a graduate of Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State). She lives on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, four dogs, a black cat and hundreds of different wildlife and flora. She has two grown sons and three grandchildren. Other interests include antiquing, collecting vintage photographs and promoting conservative causes. She has a website Conservatives in Action and is one of the top writers for Texas GOP Vote. Her articles have been published in many Texas periodicals.


  1. Yvonne Chapman

    Your work is stunning, Sonja. Thank you for sharing your eye, your heart, and your clear viewpoint. It is a pleasure to know you.

  2. Elaine Sachey

    Love so many of your photos, Sonja. You were meant to be a photographer with your eye for beauty and character. The “Misty Morning” photo really caught my eye–beautiful.

  3. I have been a fan of Sonja’s photography for several years. I think she is a national treasure. My favorite shots were the ones she captured in New Orleans.

  4. Corky Crisci

    I loved the natural beauty of these creatures found in our Hill Country. The photos capture the unique traits of each life.

  5. Kathleen Mills

    I’ve known Sonja Harris since 1982 and have viewed her photography exhibits as well as many personal photographs. Sonja has tremendous talent, and I especially enjoy the typically Texas scenery and wildlife. She is to be congratulated on her many accomplishments!

  6. Jan Kennady

    Sonja’s good heart and keen eye shine through and I am a huge admirer of her photography. We are blessed to have her in our community!

  7. Your talent and skill truly shows in these photos! I love bright colors, but I really liked Morning Mist for all the moods it creates!

  8. I know Sonja Harris as a very professional photographer and a very fine lady . She is also an outstanding writer and conservative activist.

  9. Amazing photos! I especially love the black and white ones from the ranch and the ones of the jazz band! Sonja, thank you for all your hard work and for all you do!

  10. You’re not only pretty and talented, you are one smart lady. Much love.

  11. Chris Junco

    I like the reality the images portray. The nature images and the images of the people are very poignant, affecting and natural.

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