Repurposed with a purpose

Repurposed with a purpose

All this stuff is scrap material, carved fish, address plate, buoys, and rope. The fish are carved from western red cedar, left over in a construction pile. The rope and buoys have washed up on our south Florida beaches. The partial porpoise weather vain and Coupila have since been completed and currently rest on top of a local garage. The porpoise is red oak, and finished with metallic bronze paint. Really cool looking repurposed materials.






  1. I have recently fallen in love with salvage as an art medium. This looks like a great space to create art – so much character.

    • Richard wobbe

      Hey Francis! I believe you probably have a lot more material to work with up in Georgia than we have down here in Florida. Not a lot of antiques. Seems the only ancient things down here are sea shells and old ladies in bikinis! Yikes! The sea shells you can work with!
      When I went to Virginia this past summer, we traveled around Shenandoah, junkin. I packed my truck with treasures that were one step away from being trash. The stuff will be converted back into usable art over the winter, then we go back next summer to reload. It really is fun and a privilege!
      Send some pictures when you complete a piece.

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