Snook Clock

Snook Clock

In the world of horology this a major no-no. The purists believe you can only restore original material. During restoration it is frowned upon to sign and date your work. This was a common practice at the turn of the century, and I believe adds provenance to this type of antique. Only an original face, glass, and reverse painting is acceptable on this type of American Pillar and Splat clock. The movement is made of cherry wooden gears and oak plates. It is a beautiful time piece. These were made mostly in the northeast circa 1820’s to 1830’s.

Today parts can be found, but cases are not as abundant. This one was built to house a Jerrome and Darrow rebuilt movement, face, and door. The glass is mine, as well as the box and snook splat which was hand carved. I love breaking the rules!

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  1. Very nice piece Rick. I don’t think you ‘ruined’ it at all.
    I recently started painting furniture, so I am familiar with this idea that everything has to be restored to it’s original glory. While I would never take a beautiful antique and slap a coat of paint on it, the grind the corners off with a sander like some people do – even I have limits! – I do not have the skills or money to restore a piece. I would rather lovingly clean, repair and paint a broken down item and give it new life than see it sitting on the curb to go to the landfill.

  2. Richard Wobbe

    woodworking is my second passion. I would love to see some of your furniture. Do you have any online?

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