What I do

What I do

Made with sumi ink. 8-1/32 x 2-9/16 inches


  1. Thanks for sharing your work Joanne. We look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hello Frances,
    Thank you for your comment. This work was made within the past two weeks, and it shall be engraved on the back of my business card. I drew the wild raspberry plant which I nurtured from ‘tiny weed size’ in my back yard. It’s been been bearing fruit two years in a row, and the birds love eating them. I’ve eaten only the few that they missed. The frog is a little blue corroded bronze ornament which I found in the yard, too. It’s been living happily with the raspberry bush on my patio for three years—happy, rain or shine. Best to you and this Liberatchik web site, and best to all the artists herein.

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