No glass here and it has a great message! Fun to make. What to do with extra spent zombie .45 Colt shells! Bam!
Was asked “Why the cristian symbol and firearms”
These are part of a series of my interpolation of what we are accused of by our “Dear Leader”, middle America “Bitterly cling to our guns and bibles”
At one time in history the Colt 45, the most common weapon was called the Peacemaker, and a quote by Samual Colt “God made man, Sam Colt made them equal”
Also depicted here is the 308, and 556 (223) bullet, representing the most common weapon of choice today.



  1. Lauretta

    All’s I can say is, WOW. Very, intricate. Beautiful.

  2. Richard wobbe

    It’s all scrap! Thanks Lauretta!

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