Irene Deely: Waltz Fireplace

Irene Deely: Waltz Fireplace


Title: Waltz Fireplace
Dimensions: 30’h x 10’w x 10’d

Medium: Welded Steel – Salvaged Sheet Metal

A short artist statement

This fully functioning UL approved gas fireplace is fabricated entirely out of salvaged and new mild steel to resemble a Tamarack Pine that was felled in order for the home to be built. Fungal forms on either side of the trunk are removable and house the sound system for the room.

Irene Deely is a prominent sculptor of bronze and steel. She is the artist/founder of the Liberty Let’s Roll Tour inspired by her large scale Liberty sculpture. For more information and Irene’s full portfolio, please visit her webpage


Waltz Fireplace

Waltz Fireplace

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  1. Christopher Cook

    Great to see Irene Deely here now!

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