Twin Turtles

Twin Turtles

This picture was a lot of fun. Scrap material in several aspects of of the scene. The window frame as usual is from a salvaged home in New Hampshire. The bead around the window was scrap western cedar on its way to the dump. The jellies, Aaah yes the jellies man, were from an old plate that was broken, which I smashed further and used the scraps for tentacles.
The rest of the glass is made up of really diverse textures, colors and dimensional layers to bring out the realistic look of the underwater community. (Dang, that sentence sounds like something out of the early 21st century!)
I also introduced my first use of videophotography into the construction of this piece. I hope it will be enjoyed by all!



  1. Very nice! Love it!!

  2. This turned out beautiful, Rick!

  3. Richard wobbe

    Thanks Dave, that means a lot to me!

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