“Dangerous American”, by Marc Stolfi

“Dangerous American”, by Marc Stolfi

oil on canvas – 30″ x 24” (click on image to expand)

This is a painting of my father, a Vietnam-era Air Force veteran, holding two of my children. According to the well-known D.H.S. report released in April of 2009, he is as dangerous as any ISIS recruit or illegal MS-13 alien. In fact, he may even be as dangerous as our veterans returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan! Given the recent shootings in Tennessee, this D.H.S. report really illustrates the failure of our government to enact one of their limited enumerated duties; to protect our sovereignty, borders and citizens. How sad. By the way, my father spent much of his tour of duty in Southeast Asia, and two days in Vietnam and never claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran like an illustrious Senator from CT did.

Marc D. Stolfi · Wrong Way Studio, Torrington, CT

www.WrongWayStudio.com · www.facebook.com/WrongWayStudio

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  1. Kristy Buzzi

    Well, this one just pulls on the heart strings…yes, because I know the three individuals in this painting, but beyond that, it shows a very sad truth. America is so hell bent on being PC and appeasing the very people who despise us and who burn our flag, we have abandoned-no-demonized the men and women who have given us the freedom to be so crass.

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