“Secret War”, by Marc Stolfi

“Secret War” – charcoal on cotton paper, 30″ x 22.25” (click on image to enlarge)

This illustrates my vision of the not-so-distant future where the government will limit religious freedoms for Christians at the behest of Islamists, Progressives, some gay rights activists and anti-religion groups. Perhaps this is really no secret anymore.

Marc D. Stolfi · Wrong Way Studio, Torrington, CT

www.WrongWayStudio.com · www.facebook.com/WrongWayStudio


  1. Already happening.

  2. Kristy Buzzi

    Excellent depiction of the reality that is going on around us. It’s only a “secret” to the main stream media.

    • Kristy

      Yep. And no one seems to care. But there’s that lion that was killed. Horrific!

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