“Think F.A.S.T.”, by Marc Stolfi

“Think F.A.S.T.”, graphite, marker & spray paint on multi-media paper, 40″ x 60″ (click on image to enlarge)


Future Attribute Screening Technology! Careful what you say in public folks, ’cause Big Brotha is listening! That benign sounding name applies to listening posts and video centers that will pick up facial expressions, voice inflection and biological feedback on all passers by to determine if they might be a threat.

"Think F.A.S.T.", by Marc Stolfi (detail)

The term prosody refers to the inflections, tone and stresses used while speaking. If you are angry at your government and heatedly discussing with a friend the latest Washington transgressions while strolling down Main Street USA, BE CAREFUL, next thing you know you’re in a small room with one chair, a bright light and two way mirror…..with NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION NECESSARRY. As of 2013 various aspects of F.A.S.T. were being tested in undisclosed cities in the Northeast USA.

Marc D. Stolfi · Wrong Way Studio, Torrington, CT

www.WrongWayStudio.com · www.facebook.com/WrongWayStudio


  1. Amazing.

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