Irene Deely: Lincoln

Irene Deely: Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln


Title: Abraham Lincoln

Dimensions: 9’h x 11′ w x 6′ d

Medium: Cast Bronze, Idaho Sandstone

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A short artist statement:

This monumental scaled work was created through a painstaking three-dimensional scanning process of Gutzom Borglum’s original which remains one of the most memorable and iconic Lincoln images in the world (located at the Essex County Courthouse in Newark, New Jersey). The final product from this cutting edge technology was completed using century’s old techniques. It is located in Julia Davis Park next to the Black History Museum. 33% larger than Borglum’s, it was scaled up and laser cut out of foam from the computer generated scans and a layer of clay applied to achieve the fine details, features and textures reflecting Borglum’s distinctive Impressionistic style utilizing more than 350 on-site photographs. This model was then cast at Parks Bronze in Enterprise, Oregon. Transporting the finished 1500 pound sculpture mounted to its 2500-pound sandstone seat and lifted by a 50’ boon onto the plaza where it now sits, was recorded by local media for its historic significance. Boise’s Lincoln is one of the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. It was dedicated during Juneteenth celebrations in 2010 and accepted as a gift to the City by Mayor David Beiter from a group of eight local residents. This generous gift to the City of Boise is its first public art piece to be championed and funded solely by women.


Irene Deely is a prominent sculptor of bronze and steel. She is the artist/founder of the Liberty Let’s Roll Tour inspired by her large scale Liberty sculpture. For more information and Irene’s full portfolio, please visit her webpage


  1. Christopher Cook

    So awesome. I want to go to Boise and sit next to Lincoln.

    • You are so welcome for a visit and to sit on Lincoln’s lap. You have a place to stay anytime and hope you take me up on it!

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