Irene Deely: Abiding

Irene Deely: Abiding

Title: Abiding

Dimensions: 38″h x 28″w x 18″ d

Medium: Cast Bronze

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A short artist statement:


Finding that one thing which addresses a ravenous spiritual need that results in unshakeable contentment is not unlike being grafted into a tree…to be part of the life that flows from its deep root system. “Abiding” originated from a terrible sense of loss and the need to find peace out of a hopeless situation. “To be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water that yields fruit in its season” is a verse that illustrates this overwhelming desire for stability in an increasingly perilous and chaotic life. It is a call to abide in The Tree – to draw upon its strength and experience the life that will result.

Irene Deely is a prominent sculptor of bronze and steel. She is the artist/founder of the Liberty Let’s Roll Tour inspired by her large scale Liberty sculpture. For more information and Irene’s full portfolio, please visit her webpage





  1. Christopher Cook


  2. Thank you Christopher! It’s all about abiding/resting, being one, with “The Tree”.

  3. Tonkabell


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