“They Get You, Big or Small”, by Marc Stolfi

“They Get You, Big or Small” – oil on masonite,  11″ x 14” (click on image to expand)

This Trompe L’ Oeil painting was inspired by the IRS. You know, sometimes you feel like a certain part of your anatomy is in a vice when you’re dealing with them? I used found items at my old job in a steel fabricating shop to create this design. The rusty object is a barrel-band clamp, the wire is from a mig welder and the ball bearings and c-clamps are self explanatory. I used the American Flag colored yarn to add to the “Federal” feel. You can see my reflection in both ball bearings. I’d like to think those parts of my anatomy are as hard as those steel bearings and as resistant to tyranny.



Marc D. Stolfi · Wrong Way Studio, Torrington, CT www.WrongWayStudio.com · www.facebook.com/WrongWayStudio


  1. Sallie jager

    I really love your work, and your point of view!

  2. image, idea and design work as one. love this

  3. Janet Marsh

    Love this painting statement. That is definitely how one feels when dealing with the IRS.

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