“John Brown #1”, mural sketch by Marc Stolfi

“John Brown #1” – mural sketch, conte crayon on paper  19″ x 14-1/4″ (click on image to expand)

As the title implies, this is one in a number of sketches that I was asked to design for a mural in my home town of Torrington, CT. The theme was the history of Torrington, and John Brown was born here on May 9, 1900. Brown was considered a terrorist by many, a freedom-fighter by others. I chose to portray him Michelangelo-style, with the heroic body of a super hero and an old man’s head, like his portrayals of Moses. Unfortunately, the project never came to fruition. I own a building now, so maybe I’ll commission myself! LOL



Marc D. Stolfi · Wrong Way Studio, Torrington, CT www.WrongWayStudio.com · www.facebook.com/WrongWayStudio

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