Frank Norton Jr, The Naming Process

From the deep bowels of the south along the Apalachicola River the first names of real southerner’s emerge. These are linked with Greek mythological gods, goddesses and heroes, all residing upon Mount Olympus. Each unique name is carefully matched to the bird’s appearance, stance, attitude, and gender. Each fowl friend is given a birth date chronicled in the creator’s log with no two birds ever duplicated.

They come archival matted and contemporary folk art framed.

“My art should make you smile, laugh, remember your aunt Maude or uncle Willy… is it the eyes… the beak… its tossed hair… something in the way the bird is standing… Let your childhood imagination run Chick’in Wild”

Frank Norton studied art, color, and design in high school and college but his talents lay dormant for almost 20 years. Only after taking up the markers to decorate his children’s brown paper lunch bags, did the feathered friends emerge. Part folk-art, part cartoon, part modern art, Norton calls these simple drawings, “Chick’in Scratches.”

Crayons, colored pencils, chalk, and the tools of first graders combined in swirls of energy and motion to create these fantastical birds. Through the imaginative mind and talented eye of Frank Norton, these unique creatures come to life and exhibit their distinct personalities.


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