Reclaiming Liberty, by Frank Norton

Are you new to sculpture?
Frank Norton: Yes, but reception has been terrific and I have others in process and more swirling around in my brain.
What is the title of the piece showing in the Members’ Show at the Quinlan?
Frank Norton: “Reclaiming Liberty”

This piece is clearly conceptual in nature. Do you mind giving me a description of the materials used and the concept/inspiration behind the sculpture?
Frank Norton: House and furniture parts, lion feet from a Victorian piano, walnut leg from a sewing machine, Irish carved wings from most likely a piece of furniture or room molding and an American eagle gold leafed from a weather vane. The antique flag was salvaged from a bind of flags soon to be burned in a Boy Scout flag purification ceremony.

I personally have a very strong emotional reaction to the sculpture. Was it your intent to invoke patriotism and passion for liberty when creating the piece?
Frank Norton: Absolutely, it’s a powerful patriotic statement, but in the same sense it evokes the cross of Christ and the strong determination of the eagle with the compassion of a worn, draped American flag across the neck of that cross.

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Details of sculpture to indicate scale and richness of individual components.

Norton and Liberty

Norton Liberty Top

Norton Liberty Feet

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    Very nice Frank!

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