Nancy Lowe, 2A Art, and Encaustics

Nancy Lowe, 2A Art, and Encaustics

Artist’s Profile: Nancy Lowe

Nancy Lowe is one of the first artists to get involved with Liberatchik. She was one of our contributors for the Liberatchik book that Christopher and I took to CPAC in 2011 to promote our work building a conservative art movement. Below is her statement from that project:

Nancy’s conservative mid-western upbringing, immigrant mother, and deep Scottish roots have made her an avid student of history. She has an appreciation for the signators of the Declaration of Arbroath, America’s Founding Fathers, and all other proponents of individual freedom. She considers herself a Constitutional artist who concentrates on the Second Amendment. Without that specific part of our Bill Of Rights, we could not have a free republic. 
Nancy’s latest works are encaustic and spent brass on board. In contrast to the leftist propaganda that guns are only used by deranged hate groups, much of the brass used in this series was fired by law enforcement. The statement made by each individual work is clear to those who understand a common tactile writing system.
 Nancy’s mission is to engage and enlighten those who do not know, do not understand, disagree with, or dismiss our founding documents. It is the duty of all conservative artists to break through the leftist barrier that surrounds the art world. “We cannot allow our ideas to be silenced, our freedoms to be eroded in favor of statism, or permit gun control advocates to disarm law abiding citizens. Aristotle said that both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people and therefore deprive them of arms. I will not suffer fools, oligarchs, or tyrants. It is time for the Conservative voice to be heard.”
Amen Nancy! This statement is even more fitting now than it was back in 2011. We are currently under a vicious onslaught by progressives to disarm law-abiding Americans in the name of our children’s safety, imagined dangers from groups mislabeled anti-government, or just about anyone except the criminals who would obtain them illegally. Keep up the good fight! I know you will inspire others with your words and your beautiful works. I look forward to sharing them with our viewers. – Frances

Nancy A. Lowe Artist Statement and Descriptions

Nancy A. Lowe is a pro-freedom, constitution-admiring artist. The historical resistance to tyranny by her Scottish and American ancestors is the foundation upon which all of her artistic endeavors are based. Nancy’s impetus to produce anti-statist works is fueled by the current world-wide political malaise created by Progressive politicians who exploit the art community in order to promote their anti-freedom agenda.
She utilizes the spent shell casings of both law-abiding citizens and law enforcement as braille elements in many of her works, including all manner of calibers in pro-freedom works and only rifle calibers in anti-freedom works. Quotations used in those works range from the pro-freedom Second Amendment to Mao Zedong’s anti-freedom “Power grows from the barrel of a gun.”
Her heritage tartan works are faithful representations of patterns officially recognized by the Scottish Tartan Authority. They include dried botanicals with screen-printed or anodized aluminum arrow shafts that blend nature’s creations with those of man.
Nancy’s other works include formed paper objects that combine her Scottish love of freedom with her total disdain of collectivism.
She understands that the United States Constitution is unique in the history of the world and that our country is the last, best hope for freedom on Earth.

You can view Nancy’s Liberatchik Gallery here.

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