mmm-mmm-mmm1. “MMM, MMM, MMM”, original oil painting on board and framed (size unframed: 11″ x 14″), $1200.00

I started this painting in ’09, when that grade school teacher in NJ made her students sing the “mmm, mmm, mmm Barack Hussein Obama..”, song, hence the 3 “M”s on the blocks. It sat for over 6 years unfinished because the unconstitutional, corrupt and evil torrent that flowed from the white house was just too much to document. I waited until the end, (hopefully) of his tenure to complete the piece.
The rifle rounds in the crayon box show that there are different ways to indoctrinate and foment revolution, either through direct violence or over time by co-opting the educational system.
The fasces is self explanatory, the bullet/missile represents the Iran nuke deal, the tiny Mao portrait is again, self explanatory. The burned lower left and splattered blood represents Fergusson and the war on police. The burned matches in the cross shape reflect the war on Christians. The entire composition is on a bullet-holed, old plaster wall like the backdrop of a Goya execution painting.

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