Mein Kampf, Meine Barmherzigkeit (My Struggle… for Mercy)

Mein Kampf…Fur Barmherzigkeit
(My Struggle…for Mercy)

Mein Kampf…Fur Barmherzigkeit
(My Struggle…for Mercy)
I screamed it at him; “But he did horrible things to people, unspeakable things to millions of people!”
His response came with a smirk. Not a sarcastic smirk but one of those half smiles that acknowledged my trying to meet the cerebral push.
“So you think it’s cumulative” He asked? “You think after a soul dies the clock keeps ticking as though the higher the pile of dead bodies the deader that soul becomes to me? You think as God I should acknowledge the body count? Well then what of execution? What would the difference be, even if the killer is a municipality and thinks it has the law IT CREATED on its side? Isn’t the intent to snuff out a life, regardless of whether that life is deemed good or bad not the same? Is it not the same premeditation with the same outcome? And haven’t those same municipalities exercised executions for centuries? What of those body counts?”
“I don’t understand” I said.
“Clearly not” he agreed. ”The most insidious part of what any form of killing does is that it kills all hope first. I agree…you have no understanding of fathomless mercy and, although you remember my phrase, ‘as far as the east is from the west;’ in the same thought you also limit its distance. Allow me to rephrase the question then: If a single man or even a government determines another man’s life is to be taken because he committed the crime of murder or the ‘crime’ of being a Jew, isn’t that very thought premeditated, even if it’s after the initial crime? And isn’t the end result the same?”
“No, it’s not” I demanded! “In the case of the government, it is a response to someone who has made the decision to kill prior and therefore becomes a criminal; while the other has committed no crime…he is innocent.”
“Innocent? So, on its face that would seem right to you? Even though the demands of evil in Germany during that despicable war required ‘justice’ for the crime of being Jewish…and an entire nation agreed? How than is that innocent when they; that is all of Germany, cried GUILTY?”
“Not just on its face” I said. “To me there’s no question, it’s not a crime to be Jewish.”
“Ah, but in 1942 Germany it WAS, and was punishable by horrible death. So no question…not even why; why a single thought like that can gain traction, to a degree that a single man was able to act out such hatred and have the approval of an entire country? Do you even understand who my mercy is for?”
He went on.
“Did you ever consider those in the crowd when I multiplied the loaves and fish? Who it was that I fed with that miracle? Do you suppose it was only the saints of the time or saints in the making, or is it just possible there were also hardened sinners; murderers, rapists and thieves alongside families and the elderly, perhaps those who just wanted to see some magic?” I can assure you it was the latter, they were all there, and I fed each and every one of them.”
“So who then needs mercy; better yet fathomless, un-understandable mercy?”
“While all need it” he continued, “my question is who needs it the most? Could it possibly be those who cross deeply over the line of evil into the fathomless or un-understandable? There’s only ONE LINE, whom then should I make it most available to; Jews innocent of crime, or the man who kills six million innocent Jews?”
“Yeah, but SIX MILLION” I repeated.
His laugh was sarcastic, thrusting air through his teeth. “You cannot wield ‘fathomless mercy’ to only include you and the worst things you’ve done. You cannot claim the depth and breadth of my mercy unless you yourself are able to stretch it across the un-understandable, the unthinkable. It’s a tight fit I agree, however, an arrow cannot fly true, or pierce as deeply as it ought, unless the hunter stretches the bow-string to its capacity. Would it have been better if it were Five Million…four…perhaps only three million; by contrast that’s a lot fewer innocent people.”
“Does that mean he’s in Heaven” I asked?
“What answer would you accept? When you say that my ways are as far as the east is from the west from your ways, is it an anecdote, or do you believe? When you tell others that my ways are so high as the heavens are above the earth from your ways, is it a tag line or have you actually pondered that statement? What then, if I was to tell you that when he was alive Adolf Hitler was as much my child as every single one of the Jews he murdered at the very time he was murdering them; that he meant as much to me as every man, woman and child he burned or gassed or starved to their deaths? Could you even for a moment grasp how bitterly I wept when that filthy poacher of my children’s souls was invited into his soul until it was totally consumed? I had to stand by and watch as little by little my child, my baby boy, became infested with so much hatred that he was almost unrecognizable to me, HIS FATHER! I gave him his life and he spent it murdering my other children. And as I wept for him I heard each and every one of their cries, each of the screams and torments as he carried out his adopted father’s bidding.”
“You think it’s about a body count” he continued? “That somehow there are levels of un-understandable evil? That one of my children murdering six million others somehow requires his soul to be ‘deader’ than if it were dead enough to murder just one? It’s all unfathomable, all Un-understandable. Being crucified is EASIER than watching that!”
“Many speak to me of how undeserving they are, but they will never be able to view that depth of evil properly, even in light of their own lack of deserving. Some even say “but for the grace of God go I,” meaning that even though they themselves are undeserving they are at least glad they’re not as evil as to murder another, but what they never see is that in being “glad,” they make themselves “less” underserving, as though there are levels of undeserving.”
“This is why I made sure the words ‘once, and for all’ were included in my instructions. So that you understand you are all undeserving, and that there IS nothing else, nothing or no one else that can save you from being that.”
“Today…this day, not all are capable of murder, but this very same day ALL are capable of opening their souls to some form of evil or another no matter how overwhelming or slight. And my answer to ALL of it is the very same mercy. It is mine to give, and I give freely to anyone who asks.” I allowed myself to be annihilated on your behalf and I BLED MERCY!
“Your question then cannot be ‘is he?’ because the answer to that belongs to me alone. Your question should be ‘is it possible? Could he be? Am I a large enough God to extend mercy even to him?’ And lastly, would YOU show mercy to him? Are you willing to understanding the un-understandable? Not that you can or need to…but that you are willing? Are you willing to try to fathom unfathomable mercy?”
“My response to the underserving will always be mercy, and your response to that should be merci.”

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