Artist’s Profile: Irene Deely

Artist’s Profile: Irene Deely

As a full-time studio artist and gallery owner, I am delighted to be a part of Liberatchik’s effort to encourage artists who have been shut out from the blessing of traditional Academia through creative expressions that do not agree with a narrow  political/social agenda.  It is exciting to have an venue that champions talented artists who happen to be passionate about freedom and have the ability to verbally and visually express ideas in intelligent and thought provoking ways.  This opportunity is a refreshing development after working for twenty years in the often hostile environments of  established education and gallery systems.  Liberatchik is serving as a much needed release valve for countless artists who have been forced underground or silenced all together.

In 2008, I began a one artist effort to inspire others to discover a voice for expressing freedom in their own unique creative ways.  The goal has not changed after three years and logging more than 20,000 miles.  The method in doing this has continued to enjoy much public encouragement through “Liberty Let’s Roll! Tours.  Using a larger-than-life three dimensional image that provokes dialogue on the subject of freedom, I am able to connect with people on a subject that inspires unity and passion that in turn provides an opportunity to challenge shallow definitions and to auger down to the origins of and personal responsibility to it.  After three tours, LLR continues to grow while enjoying first hand experience with changed attitudes. More importantly, I have witnessed individuals who are inspired and  committed  to using  visual art in their local communities as a powerful way to support conservative philosophical viewpoints.  I will continue to invite a variety of artwork to accompany these tours as a way to expose it to a wider audience, provide a platform to communicate concepts of liberty and challenge state sanctioned opinions.

Irene Juliette Deely, Artist/Owner

Woman of  Steel Gallery

Irene Deely is a prominent sculptor of bronze and steel. She is the artist/founder of the Liberty Let’s Roll Tour inspired by her large scale Liberty sculpture. For more information and Irene’s full portfolio, please visit her











Liberty Let's Roll

Liberty Let's Roll



  1. Kathy Sand

    I live in Ellensburg and saw the picture of your Abraham Lincoln sculpture in the Daily Record, and also saw that your mom lives in Eburg. (I know her name but can’t recall that I’ve met her–my family worships at Calvary Baptist now at the Liberty Theater, which you may be familiar with} How awesome to visit Liberatchik and see your Liberty Let’s Roll sculpture and tour. So glad to know there are a group of artists that celebrate conservative and libertarian values, and put those into your art! Thank you! God bless you and your efforts and….. America, bless God! a new fan, Kathy Sand

    • Kathy,
      Thanks for your comment and your enthusiasm. We haven’t heard from Irene in quite some time, but we love her work and continue to share it when we can. If you cross paths with her, please let her know she is still in our thoughts.
      We hope you are well and appreciate your enthusiasm for Irene’s work and our mission here at Liberatchik. Please feel free to let us know what you would like to see from our cultural movement. You can track our artists and group events via our Facebook page as well:

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