Declarationist Manifesto

Art is dying.

Once upon a time, art was vehicle for the conveyance of truth. Of beauty. Of expressions of the human condition. It was a field where those with talent and vision could express themselves, creating a product to be enjoyed and assessed in the eye of each beholder.

Those days are gone.

Today, art has become a vehicle for ugliness. For hate. For the view that objective truths should yield to subjective perceptions. Pointless displays of shallowness win once-prestigious awards. Self-indulgent nihilism is glorified. Infantile expressions of political bias are celebrated, and technical prowess is subordinated to agenda and artifice. The art world is killing itself.

This art world is controlled by a self-appointed elite. Their ideology is monolithic, their bias is uni-directional, and their judgments are always the same. Artists with a liberal bias are always welcome. Expressions of that bias—no matter how hackneyed, no matter how guaranteed they are to be well-received by a like-minded clique—are always “brave.” And yet this elite, smugly confident in their self-described open-mindedness, has deemed opposing viewpoints as permanently unworthy of consideration.

The conservative perspective is considered invalid as an avenue of creative expression. Conservative artists are considered unworthy of inclusion and representation by the art community at large. The blacklist is unspoken, but it is very, very real. Every conservative artist knows it well: Art is a closed shop.

In the art world—as well as in Hollywood, in music, and elsewhere—the bias is the same . . . and the question for conservative artists is the same: Do we keep trying to storm their castle, or do we build one of our own?

How many rejection letters from galleries will it take? How many times will you be told that your viewpoint is too “strident,” all the while knowing that that same gallery will fall all over themselves to hang the next canvas smeared with elephant dung?

We say enough!

No longer will we skulk about their castle, hoping for scraps from their table. This is our announcement of separation from a community that neither supports nor respects our beliefs. This is our Declaration of Independence!

Conservative artists, we are building our own castle, and we ask you—nay, we challenge you—to join us! Though we begin with visual artists, we make this call to creative conservatives in any medium.

We are the Declarationists. We call you to join us, and we say . . .

1. DECLARE your views.

Be loud and proud in your conservative principles. The time for hiding in the shadows is over.

2. BECOME a propagandist.

Produce fine art, music, film, writing, poetry, and commercial design that is blatantly supportive of your political views. This is an active movement. Make noise. Make agit-prop. Make waves!

3. CHALLENGE the left

Produce art that challenges their shibboleths. Take a stand against their lies, their failures, and their monstrous assertions.

4. ACT—don’t react

Don’t wait for the left to call you a “fascist”—call them fascists first. Their ideology is more closely associated with fascism, totalitarianism, and historical racism. Don’t play defense—go on offense.

5. KNOW that you are no longer in exile.

You no longer need to try so hard to get along in an art community that hates you. We are building our own, and your exile ends the moment you join us.


We also issue a call to conservatives who are not artists: Support us! You can no longer stand back and complain that there is no meaningful political art you can support. We are here!

Buy our work. Help us spread the word. Become patrons, collectors, and connoisseurs. The left’s control of the culture has allowed them to change our culture. We have to challenge them and take that control from them. This isn’t a minor battle—this is a major front in our struggle for the soul of our country.

We are building a new movement together. We are raising our voices for liberty, limited government, and the preservation of our country and culture. We will no longer stand idly by and watch the destruction of our culture through the unchallenged spread of liberal propaganda. We will produce our own in equal measure.

We will start in salon shows and speakeasies. The word will be spread, underground at first, like the news of an upcoming rave. Our numbers will grow. We cannot be stopped.

Conservatives, this is the beginning of a long battle—but it is a battle that will be fought on our terms. No longer will we serve the left’s agenda on our knees. Stand up and make your voices heard through your creative talents . . . or step aside for those of us who will lead the way. We will be silent no more.