Call to Artists!

Are you a libertarian or conservative artist ready to help build this movement? Do you want your art posted in our gallery? Now is the time to say NO MORE! to the relentless march of statism. Some do that with activism, some do it through policy work—we do it with art! Contact us to get started.


Liberatchik Artists’ Directory

* Christopher Cook: Co-Founder @Liberatchik; Writer/Manager @Western Free Press

Frances Byrd: Co-Founder/National Director @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @MachinePolitick – Art for Liberty; Owner/Artist @Libertas Americana, inside Our Town Antiques, Commerce, GA


Artists @Liberatchik

* Ashley Tomashot: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Ashley Norfleet Art

* Barb Smith: Artist @Liberatchik

* Cheryl O’Leary: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Tonkabell Art

*Christina Butorac: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Metro Baby Cards

* Cristina Hasigan: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Byzantine Art Studios

* Colby Stephens: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Colby Stephens Art

* Craig Brantley: Author @Liberatchik

Laura Axle Novels on Amazon

* Doris Bond: Artist @Liberatchik 913-281-9291

* Floyd Alsbach: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Alsbach Art

* Livia Bota: Photographer @Liberatchik

* James Byrd: Author @Liberatchik

The Light of Day on Amazon

* Joanne Wasserman:Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Wasserman Designs

* Kate Barnett: Artist/Director of Social Media @Liberatchik; Artist @Rowan Ginger Raven Art

* Kathy Graybill: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Hidden Treasures

* Kevin Williams: Film-maker @Liberatchik; Owner @Shamrock/Stine Productions

* Livia Bota: Artist @Liberatchik

* Michael LeKites: Artist @Liberatchik; Artist @Michael LeKites

* Michael Prescott: Film-maker @Liberatchik; Owner @Simply America

* Morgen Thruston: Artist @Liberatchik; Artist @Morgen Thruston Art

* Nancy A. Lowe: Artist @Liberatchik

* Natasha Stansel: Artist @Liberatchik; Artist @Natasha Stansel Art

* Richard Bledsoe:Artist @Liberatchik

* Robert Jones: Artist @Liberatchik; Photographer @Robert Jones Photography email:

* Robin Borland: Artist @Liberatchik ; Owner/Artist @ArtRob Studios

* Sonja Harris: Artist @Liberatchik


* Taylor Overbey: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Taylor O Studios

* Ursula Fernandez: Artist @Liberatchik; Owner/Artist @Ursula’s Wonders of Art